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In just a span of a couple of years, Samsung has surprised the world over and over again with the Galaxy S2 and now the Samsung Galaxy S3. But before we go on expecting a new and even better Samsung Galaxy model, let’s take a closer look at the magnificent Samsung Galaxy S3.
Form Factor: Nothing overly new here

It really doesn’t come much of a surprise that nothing much changed in the way the Galaxy S3 looks and feels from the Galaxy S2 models. Samsung has had great success in the S2 model and probably decided to just ride on that wave of success with the S3.

There is one slight difference though – the S3 is slightly bigger than the S2. The S3 comes with a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display which makes it just a tad bigger than the 4.3 inch S2. Bigger is indeed better when Samsung does it because the phone is only slightly heavier at 133g.

You would think that a 4.3 inch display would already be perfect for browsing the internet and watching videos, but wait until you have a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display in your hands. 4.8 inches may seem a little bit big for a phone but then, think about how we use smart phones today. We practically use them for everything. If we could just dock them in a station with a large monitor, we would use them as a regular desktop computer.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3, why not? This phone has the power of a desktop computer. Its quad core processor simply matches the power of many desktops and laptops in the market today.
Design: Cheap… not quite.
One thing that seems a little bit odd is that Samsung packed a powerful processor and an extremely crisp display into a flimsy plastic box. This does in some ways give the phone a cheap feeling, but then think about it. The sales of the Samsung S2 have been extremely well and this model had the same packaging.

The S3 had millions of pre-orders before it was launched and this makes you rethink the definition of “cheap”. Does metal covers really mean quality anymore?

Anyway, if you’re thinking that flimsy plastic of the S3 makes it feel cheap, well, think again. Flimsy plastic has really brought down the weight of an Android phone. If this model had metal covers, it would weigh uncomfortably heavy for its size.
The Display: An HD TV in your hands
The Samsung Galaxy, unfortunately, was not the first in HD screens. If it were, this phone would have created the ultimate shock. Nevertheless, the 4.8 inch HD screen of the Galaxy S3 really makes it feel as if you were holding an HD TV.

The powerful quad core processor of the S3 makes playing HD movies really easy. How would you like to lie down beside the pool and watch an HD movie? It wouldn’t really matter if you were in the shade or under the glare of the sun. The quality of the screen simply does not change.
Battery Life: Too much of a power guzzler?

Smart phone have not been known to be able to hold battery life for extended periods. With the power of the S3, one would think that the battery would be dead in a couple of minutes. However, Samsung did have something up its sleeves when it came to battery life.

The Galaxy S3 has an innovative way of saving battery power. Get this – this device tracks the movement of your eyes and it will dim the display to save power if you’re not looking at the screen.

Samsung has just reached the point where people are just not being surprised anymore. It is doubtful that Samsung can come up with a surprising phone because expectations are just too high. With the Samsung Galaxy S3, the standards of a smart phone have really been set so high. Whatever Samsung comes up with next, will really not be a surprise because it will somehow be already expected.

Just when you think that that smart phones couldn’t get any better, Samsung releases the Galaxy S3. In a way, it is a little bit cruel how Samsung keeps on upgrading their smart phones. It makes you wonder if you really want to buy one now because you kind of expect that in less than a year another model is going to be released and that model will even be better.
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